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President Explains Plan of Jember Airport Expansion

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President Joko Widodo said the government is preparing the


plan for the development of Noto Hadinegoro airport in Jember, East Java. Speaking after distributing Smart Indonesia Cards to a number of students, on Sunday (13/8) in Jember, East Java, the President said the planned expansion of Noto Hadinegoro airport is scheduled to begin in 2018. The president is targeting the expansion of the airport to be completed by 2019. The construction of Noto Hadinegoro airport will include runway extension and terminal expansion. According to the President the development plan will cost 350 to 400 billion rupiah.

“We have prepared Jember Airport. We will start in 2018. Runways will be extended and the terminal will be enlarged. It will finish in 2019. It takes 2 years. As sub-

embarkation it needs a long runway, the terminal must be enlarged. We have explained about the plan yesterday to the regent already. The budget is from central government. There is no problem we have checked all. The budget is approximately 350-400 billion rupiah,” said President Joko Widodo.

Meanwhile, Director General of Air Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation, Agus Santoso, said that currently the runway of Noto Hadinegoro Airport is 1,700 meters long and can only be used by small planes. To that end, the runway will be extended to 2250 meters. According to him, the need for the development of Noto Hadinegoro Airport is felt considering the increasing needs of the community will expand the airport. So far, Noto Hadinegoro Jember airport can only be used for small-sized aircraft with short flight distance. The expansion of the airport is expected to improve the service of long-haul flights to the community including for hajj departure. (Ndy)


President Calls for Utilization of Land Certificate for Economic Improvement

President Joko Widodo on Sunday (13/8) in Jember, East Java handed over land certificates to people in Jember district and the surrounding areas. The distribution of land certificates is part of the government's national priority programs. In his speech the President reminded the people who received the land certificates to utilize the certificates for economic improvement.

“Use this certificate as good as possible. If it is not used for collateral in the bank, please keep it in a safe place. Do not keep it in a bad place. And if you want to use it as collateral to the bank, you have to calculate,” said President Joko Widodo.

The hand-over of land certificates to the people of Jember and surrounding areas was held at the New Sari Utama Convention Hall Jember. The certificates are distributed to 2850 land owners from 8 districts /cities in East Java.

Meanwhile, Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning, Sofyan Djalil said, there are at least about 2.7 million hectares of land in East Java Province. Of this amount only about 1.1 million are certified land. The government is targeting at least 662 thousand hectares of land in East Java to be certified in 2017. Sofyan Djalil also mentioned that about 551 trillion rupiah of the mortgage rights have been disbursed in 2016 in East Java. According to him the amount has been increased to 716 trillion rupiah in the current year. (Ndy;transAlika/edit r)


President Joko Widodo Opens Jember Fashion Carnival

President Joko Widodo officially opened the 16th Jember Fashion Carnival show in 2017, Sunday (13/8) in Jember district, East Java. In his speech, President Joko Widodo appreciated the annual art and culture event. According to him Jember Fashion Carnival is also good compared with similar cultural arts in other regions of the world. He said, the Jember Fashion Carnival is very well prepared. The President hopes that the Jember Fashion Carnival could be improved to be an international event that is held regularly. He also hopes that Jember could be an example for other regions throughout Indonesia in showing the potential of its arts to the world.

“Jember is already a carnival city of Indonesia. Jember has become an icon. Not just Jember but Indonesia. So this should be developed. I also asked Minister of Tourism and Minister of Education and Culture to collaborate with Dynand Fariz to improve from Indonesian level to international level to promote tourism, maybe once in 3 years for international level and every year for national level,” said President Joko Widodo.

Furthermore the President also mentioned, the Jember Fashion Carnival is the right momentum for the development of the nation's creative industry.

The 16th Jember Fashion Carnival has the theme Victory. The theme is presented into 10 unique sub-themes that describe the journey of the Jember Fashion Carnival to the international achievement. Various events are held in the Jember Fahion Carnival, among others Kids Carnival, Art-wear Carnival, Wonderful Archipelago Carnival Indonesia, and Grand Carnival.

(Ndy;transbyAlika/edit r)


Defense Ministry Holds Exhibition of Indonesian Products of Primary Weaponry System

Ministry of Defense held an Exhibition of Indonesian Products of Primary Weaponry System to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia, in the field of Bhineka Tunggal Ika, Ministry of Defense, Jakarta on Sunday (13/8). The one day exhibition was open for public with the theme "With the Spirit of Independence We Increase Defense Industry Capability through Cooperation with All Nation’s Components". The Minister of Defense, Ryamizard Ryacudu in his speech read by the Secretary-General, Vice Admiral Widodo, said the products of 35 domestic defense industries are the designs of Indonesian people and their contribution in supporting the country's defense force. He added that the exhibition is also expected to increase the sense of love and pride of the Indonesian people. The exhibition features a number of domestic defense industry products produced by both State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) and private industries. (voi/rivai/trans:r)


Agriculture Minister: Rp5.5 Trillion Allocated for Local Farmers

Agriculture Minister Pertanian Amran Sulaiman stated that government has allocated Rp5.5 trillion of budget to support farmers’ productivity in developing local fruit and food. He said in Jakarta on Sunday (13/8) that the President has instructed such an allocation and the ministry will supply seedlings and fertilizers which are worth Rp 5,5 trillion starting from September to next year. For seedlings in particular, Amran added that the variety would be adjusted to the speciality of each region. He also said that Indonesian local fruits have great potentials to be export commodities. The reason, he said, is that other countries have expressed interest in the country’s local fruits such as mango, mangosteen, and pineapple, especially four-season countries. The Minister concluded that mango and mangosteen have good prospects. So does pineapple. A lot of countries have expressed their interests to the fruits including Japan, China, and Europe, there are demands for pineapple and mangosteen in such countries. (tempo)


OJK Hopes Capital Market More Mature, Ready to Face Competition

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) hopes that Indonesia’s capital market, which is now 40 years old, would be more mature and more ready to face the global competition. The agency’s Chairman Wimboh Santoso in his remarks at the 40th commemoration of the Indonesia’s Capital Market in Jakarta on Sunday (13/8) said that with the supports in the form of adequate infrastructures, positive performance of issuers, regulators and all elements of the capital market. This year’s commemoration adopts the theme "New Steps in the Maturity of Capital Market". Wimboh also hopes that Indonesian people can enjoy the positive impacts of the capital market. On that occasion, Wimboh said that back in 1997, the Indonesian Composite Index (IHSG) was still at the level of 98.01 points, while in 11 August 2017, it has reached the level 5,766.13, rising by more than 5,000 percents. In the meantime, he added that value of Indonesia’s capital market capitalization in 1977 amounted to Rp2.73 billion while as of 11 August 2017, it stood at Rp6,319.55 trillion. He also said that at the time, OJK could not imagine if the capital market would develop so rapidly and now the capital market has even begun to be on part with capital markets in developed countries, both in ASEAN and in the world. (tempo)

High school angklung music group to perform in two cities in Japan

Members of Angklung Family Association of state high school SMA Negeri 3 Bandung KPA3 have been participated in promoting Wonderful Indonesia tourism brand in the past year.  After visiting six countries in Europe last year, the group consisting of 54 students and teachers is set to travel to Japan on August 24 to 30. They are going to two big cities in Japan, Kanawagawa and Tokyo, to promote the Angklung instrument. The Sound of Angklung 2017 committee head, Zharifah Raihanah Shiddiq explained, the theme is ‘Serasa Katha: Avana,’ that showcases the cultural image of angklung that has a very strong philosophical value that is relatable to the citizens of the world. For six days, they will perform in two places, the Sunpearl Arakawa Hall Tokyo where they will stand before 975 visitors, and the Zushi Culture Plaza Hall-Nagisa Hall Kanagawa that will have 555 visitors. (Jakarta Post)Maid with the Flaxen HairMaid with the Flaxen Hair


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