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Wiwiek Sumbogo

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We will present keroncong songs performed by Indonesian female keroncong singer, Wiwik Sumbogo. Bengawan Solo is a fairly famous keroncong song from Indonesia. This song tells about the longest river in Java, namely Bengawan Solo. The song was composed by Gesang Martohartono or better known as Gesang, in 1940, when he was 23 years old. Not only in Indonesia, this song is also famous, especially in Japan. Bengawan Solo was once used in one of Japan's big-screen movies. The song is translated into 13 languages, including English, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. This original keroncong song has been sung by many singers, including Gesang and Wiwik Sumbogo. Initially, Wiwiek was known as keroncong and Javanese pop singer. Her name is popular, especially in Central Java and East Java regions. This song entitled Sampul Surat tells about someone who is disappointed when receiving a letter, it is an envelope only. With a sense of sadness and disappointment, the cover of the letter is kept as a memory. Wiwiek Sumbogo's career began to rise when she released an Indonesian pop album entitled “Loyang dan Besi”. In the era of 80s, Wiwik had released several albums. In addition to launching a number of albums, the singer who has the original name Dewi Prasetyawati Sumbogo also often performed on the music show on national television station, TVRI. In addition to having a melodious voice, Wiwik also has a beautiful face.

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