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We will present the song from West Java Province. Sundanese songs which are often sung with the accompaniment of music Degong or Jaipongan have been sung in other languages, such as Malay and Javanese. The lyrics of the song are about a woman who feels embarrassed when approached by a man. Although the meaning seems simple, the song "ES LILIN" as a whole contains a typical Sundanese poem.The song "BUBUY BULAN" is often presented in various events of West Java rituals, such as weddings, circumcision, and thanksgiving. Similar to "ES LILIN", the song "BUBUY BULAN" is presented in the form of poem. The song "BUBUY BULAN" tells about the deep sense of longing because it is far from the lover. The feeling of longing is more painful when you see someone whose eyes remind the heart to the lover.The song "EUIS" focuses on "Euis", a name or a call from the word "geulis" which in Sundanese means "pretty". In the lyrics of the song "EUIS", there is a man who was teasing and admiring the girl who was called as "EUIS". However, at the end of EUIS's song, it is mentioned that the EUIS mentions, there is someone who begs for love but the way is inappropriate. The song "EUIS" is usually performed duet by a man and a woman.Meanwhile, the song "MOJANG PRIANGAN" describes a "MOJANG PRIANGAN" which means "girl of Priangan" or "West Java girl" who is dressed up simply, but she is so beautiful and sweet. In the West Java community, the term "Mojang Priangan" has developed into a standard of female beauty of Priangan.

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