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The Kubs

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We present the songs from The Kubs music group. The KUBS, originally named the Kuburan   Band, existed in the Indonesian music industry since 2001. It is unclear when actually The KUBS was formed. However, September 11, 2001 was chosen as the anniversary of The KUBS to commemorate the tragedy of the World Trade Center in the United States. Even though the date is confusing, but the birthplace of The KUBS or Kuburan Band  is in Bandung, West Java. The personnel of the Band are six students of Parahyangan University of Bandung, namely Priya (vocalist), Raka (guitarist), Donny (guitarist), Denny (bassist), Udhe (keyboardist), and Dino (drummer). In 2011, these six personnel had dissolved the Kuburan band. However, as a consequence they still work as The KUBS. The six personnel agreed to carry the "metal hydraulic" music, a self-made music genre. In every performance the personnel of the Kubs always cover their faces with makeup which is primarily a super white powder and lipstick as metal band’s style. Many people think their performance was inspired by "Kiss", a band from the United States. However, the makeup of The KUBS was actually inspired by Ria Jenaka, a renowned humor group in Indonesia. The KUBS claimed that they present "metal hydraulic" music genre which is defined as a metal without a definite direction. Sometimes the music contained metal, pop, rock and dangdut genres. The song lyrics of the KUBS also seem humorous and use Indonesian and local languages.

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