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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Launches Safe Travel Application

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Launches Safe Travel Application Ministry of Foreign Affairs Launches Safe Travel Application VOI-REZHA

To protect Indonesian citizens abroad, the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes use of information and communication technology by launching the Safe Travel application. The Android and iOS smart phone-based application was officially launched by Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi, in Jakarta, on Saturday (14/4). Minister Retno Marsudi said the launch of Safe Travel application is one of Indonesian foreign policies that prioritizes the protection of Indonesian citizens.

So, we’ve just launched Safe Travel application. The application can be accessed through multiple platforms, because previously in January 2017 we launched in the form of maps, now we can access through various ways. The question is why Safe Travel, the shortest answer is in the framework of protection. Because the protection of Indonesian Citizens, as it was stressed by the President, is a priority of Indonesian foreign policy,” Retno Marsudi said.

Minister Retno Marsudi moreover added there are several advantages of the Safe Travel application. Through the application, the Indonesian citizens will get complete information about 180 countries related to security level and vulnerability of  a country marked with color indicator, as well as information related to complete address and contact from Indonesia’s representatives in that country. Complete information related to the rule of law, currency, place of worship, culinary, and tourist attraction in a country can also be known through this application. In addition to present various kinds of information from 180 countries in the world, the Safe Travel application can also be used to organize travel and direct contact with the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs both at home and abroad. One of them can be done by using panic button feature or emergency button to send photos, videos, coordinates of the location, and to contact the nearest Indonesian representative offices. (VOI/Rezha/NT)    

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