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Mosaic of Indonesia

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Thousands of moslems in Biak participated in the commemoration of Isra Miraj of Prophet Muhammad SAW 1439 Hijriah, which was held by the committee of Islamic Great Days of Biak Numfor on Saturday (14/4) in Baiturrahman Great Mosque, Biak. Imam of the mosque, Ustadz M.Taufiqurrahman Halim in his lecture said that the real implementation of the Isra Miraj event is following the orders of Allah SWT and avoiding His prohibitions. M.Taufiqurrahman also said that Moslems interpret the commemoration with awareness and willingness to change themselves to be more obedient so that Moslems will really obey Allah SWT. The commemoration of Isra Mi'raj this year is themed "Through wisdom of Isra Mi"raj of Prophet Muhammad SAW 1439, we improve quality of five time prayers to form character of Moslems namely being honest, trusted and strong brotherhood.

With the opening of Fashion parade and Fashion exhibition of Semarang city at Srigunting park of old city area on Saturday (14/04), the city proclaimed itself as one of fashion cities in Indonesia. Through the typical design of batik Semarang, all designers of Semarang city are called on to make innovation and creativity in a beautiful fashion creation. Deputy Mayor of Semarang, Hevearita Gunaryati Rahayu in the event highlighted that batik Semarang with creation and innovation must be able to compete with batik from other regions. The fashion parade and Fashion exhibition, besides to commemorating anniversary of Semarang city, is aimed to attract and to socialize the people about clothes which are produced from batik Semarang motif

The Army’s community service program -Tentara Manunggal Membangun Desa TMMD of Kodim 1204/Sanggau in this year has received sympathy and compliment from Head of Empoto village, Noyan district, Sanggau regency, West Kalimantan, Dono. He viewed that the program is successful to connect infrastructure of the country, especially in remote area which is not maximally touched by development yet. This was stated by Dono in Sanggau, West Kalimantan on Sunday (15/4). He further said that this year, the program targeted infrastructure development sector such as increasing road as long as 29.2 kilometers, making water tunnel and building connecting bridges among the districts. Dono also said that the development of a number of infrastructures could improve the economic activities of local communities. Besides, it can increase value of people’s income and accelerate the development process in other sectors. Not only economy, but also tourism objects will be accessed by visitors who want to enjoy the natural attractions around Kembayan and Noyan.

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