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Government and House of Representatives to Accelerate Revision of Terrorism Act

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Wiranto Wiranto VOI-REZHA

Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs, Wiranto on Monday (14/5) in Jakarta invited a number of chairman of the House of Representatives faction and Secretary General of political parties to agree on the acceleration of Law number 15/2003 on Combating Terrorism Crime which process has been running for two years at the House. Minister Wiranto also said that the acceleration effort is conducted to respond a number of terrorism actions which occurred in Surabaya and Sidoarjo, East Java recently. With the enactment of the Act revision, it is hoped terrorism combating process in Indonesia will be more effective. Because security apparatuses have strong legal protection to more firmly tackle the terrorists and to take action before the act of terrorism takes place.

“With the authority, and legal protection, the security apparatuses will not doubt to take preventive action, and earlier to solve the problem. There are terrorism indications that should be handled immediately,” Wiranto said  

Minister Wiranto moreover added that the Law of combating terrorism will be legalized immediately, so that the overcome of terrorism case will no longer use the Regulation in Lieu of Law. Through the Law on Combating Terrorism, the government is expected to be able to conduct the handling and terrorism prevention overall. (VOI/REZHA/TRANS YATI/NITA)

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