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Hasil gambar untuk foto ramadan


Welcome back in Music Corner, a musical segment which introduces you to Indonesian music -either traditional or modern one. In today’s edition, we will present you some Ramadhan songs.

Although in rock genre, the song “Ibadah Yok” is still thick on invitation for Muslims to worship. Its lyric describes human with endless desire. The consequently, life becomes misery. To avoid from misery life, worship becomes solution.

The next song entitled “Lima Waktu” by Yuni Shara also invites Muslims to do worship 5 times a day. The song which was released in 2004, describes how the God really loves His followers. Although the great blessing which has been given by Him and He is so noble, the God only asks human beings to have 5 times a day to worship. 

“Ramadhan Datang” is hits single of Tompi which is taken from the album entitled “Soulful Ramadhan” released in 2006. Its lyric and arrangement which is full of joy, makes the song be often played at electronic media and shopping center when Ramadhan comes. 
Titi Kamal, singer and also actress. A song entitled “Berserah” is  the song that can be said similar prayer. Because its lyric contains of request for guidance and protection from the God, and the expression of surrender to the power of God.


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