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Here are the Headlines of several national newspapers published today, June 3 2018.

We begin with Kompas entitled, “Police Discretion is the Key”.

The management of trucks which are still operating during the peak of homecoming flow becomes police discretion. By considering the situation of the homecoming flow on the toll roads or the arteries of northern coasts – Pantura, the Police can force the trucks to stop in parking areas or to direct them to exit the toll road. That was stated by Land Transport Director General of Transportation Ministry Budi Setiyadi in Jakarta, on Saturday (2/6). The statement was following the potential traffic congestion because trucks are still not banned from operating during the peak of homecoming flow. The peak is predicted on June 9 or D-6 of Eid Holiday at the Cikarang Toll Gate, West Java and on June 10 or D-5 in Semarang, Central Java. The ban for the operation of trucks will be applied on June 12. Budi said, if trucks cause congestion during the peak flow, the police can stop them, make them exit the toll, or direct them to the parking areas. That becomes the police discretion by considering the traffic flow on site.

Moving on to Media Indonesia entitled, “Time to Solve Human Rights Cases”.

The determination of the government in solving human rights violation cases received positive responses. Some agreed that the cases must immediately be solved to stop draining the nation’s energy. United Development Party’s (PPP) Deputy Secretary General Achmad Baidowi in Jakarta on Saturday (2/6/2018) said his party would support whatever measure used by the government via the Attorney General’s Office to solve the past human right cases. Previously, the Attorney General HM Prasetyo said, the government would prioritize non-judicial settlement via reconciliation. According to him, judicial settlement was very difficult, because the cases were too old so that crucially lacking of evidences and witness. To encourage reconciliation, according to Prasetyo, the government is designing the National Harmony Council (DKN). Achmad Baidowi agreed, if the government really wanted to form the DKN, it must have be done as soon as possible. Support was also given by National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM), Achmad Taufik Damanik. He welcomed the government to prioritize the non-judicial approach, yet the judicial moves must also still be done.

We end the Headlines with Republika entitled, “Motorcyclists in Homecoming Increases 30 Percent”.

Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi said, motorcyclists became a key for the smooth traffic in this year’s homecoming. Therefore, control for the motorcyclists in the homecoming flow will be necessary. Transportation Ministry’s Land Traffic Director Pandu Yunianto in Jakarta, Saturday predicted, the number of motorcyclists in the homecoming would increase up to 30 percent this year. Meanwhile in 2017, there were 6.39 million units of motorcycle. If the number increases 30 percent, it means the number of motorcycle in the homecoming will increase into 8.5 million units. The people, according to Pandu, prefer using motorcycle for the homecoming due to cheaper cost.

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