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Pro-Israel, America Leaves UN Human Rights Council

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After disappointing many countries, by moving its Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem some time ago, the United States of America once again shocked the international community last Tuesday (19/6). US Ambassador to the United Nations -UN, Nikki Haley announced that her country withdrew from the UN Human Rights Council. She accused the UN Human Rights Council of having been biased against the issue of US traditional ally, Israel. The US criticized the actions of members of the UN Human Rights Council who are considered to be hypocritical. The Geneva-based body was founded in 2006 to call for and protect human rights worldwide. But its statements and reports are often contradictory with US priorities. Along with US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, Ambassador Haley defended the setback from the UN Human Rights Council on the grounds that the US appeal for reform is ignored. But both insist the United States to keep leading the implementation of human rights for many people. According to the US, reform is needed to form a serious advocacy council dealing with human rights. Washington's announcement to step down came after UN Human Rights Council officials criticized the US for separating migrant children from their parents after crossing from Mexico. Interestingly, after protests from many sides, US President, Donald Trump issued an executive order to stop the policy. However, Ambassador Nikki Haley said that the Human Rights Council has been a protector of human rights abusers, while the US appeal for reform has been ignored. She also called the Human Rights Council biased, unfriendly, and an anti-Israeli organization that betrays its mission as a protector of human rights. Being defended, Israel is naturally very grateful to the US. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu called this a "bold decision". The acknowledgment was conveyed via his Twitter account on Wednesday (20/06). The Indonesian government that upholds human rights deeply regrets the US move. According to the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the UN Human Rights Council is a forum of multilateral cooperation and international community commitment to uphold human rights protection worldwide. Ironically, the United States, which has always declared itself a democracy and a protector of human rights, has left the UN Human Rights Council established to protect the basic rights of every human being, simply because it wants to defend its ally, Israel. It should be questioned whether the US still deserves being called ‘a state that upholds human rights’.

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