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European Union Revoke the Ban of Indonesian Aircraft Flight

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On June 14, good news for Indonesian nation came from the European Union EU. The EU officially lifted the ban on all Indonesian airlines that have been imposed since 2007. After eleven years of struggling to make improvements, now Indonesia's airlines are trusted by the world as safe and reliable ones. Quoting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Retno Marsudi's statement, the lifting of the ban is the result of hard work and collaboration for 11 years.

In fact, before being revoked, several airlines have been allowed to operate first by the European Commission, an executive body with the EU working area. In 2009, Garuda Indonesia, Mandala Air, Airfast, and Primer Air have been allowed to operate. A year later, Indonesia AirAsia and Batavia Air also started their operations. Then, in 2011, the European Commission also abolished the ban on several cargo companies such as PT Cardig, PT Air Maleo, Asia Link and Republic Express. The series of revocations was closed with the permission of 55 Indonesian airlines to operate.

After the flight ban is lifted, what steps should be taken? Of course, Indonesia continues to maintain the world's confidence in its aviation system. The world’s trust is an appreciation to the nation of Indonesia. Director General of Air Transportation at the Ministry of Transportation, Agus Santoso said that Indonesia had fought for the release of flying since 2007. He also said that Indonesia is an independent country that has high assets in the aviation sector, starting from the aircraft industry up to 62 Air Operator Certificates (AOC) that serves flights from Indonesia to overseas.

The positive impact of lifting the flight ban for Indonesian airlines is the tourism sector. This can be imagined how many increases in the number of European tourists who will come to Indonesia, if more Indonesian aircraft can fly in the air of Europe. Indonesian government targets an increase in the number of European tourist arrivals around 200 thousand visits every year.

The chain effect from tourism sector is to bring about economic growth. All of these can be achieved, if Indonesia's aviation advance is balanced with  other domestically-related improvements.

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