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Hasil gambar untuk foto asmidar darwis


RRI World Service Voice of Indonesia wherever you are. Welcome back to Music Corner, a musical segment presents Indonesian music either traditional or modern one. The song entitled “Pilu” by Asmidar Darwis is composed by Husein Aidid withmusical arrangement created by Buslidel. As its title suggests, this song tells about the sadness due to the     lover is unfaithful. The song is slow beat with melancholic music in accordance with the lyrics. “Pilu” includedin a Special Album of Sad Malay Songs. Asmidar Darwis known as the gambus and malay singer .The songs owned by the singer who comes from westSumatra was popular in the 1970s.


The song“Naik Sampan” composed by Husein Aidid.The lyrics of the song has the rhythm like pantun. The song tells about the happiness in rowing a canoe.The song has cheerful music with quick tempo. To end today’s Music Corner, here is another Malay song entitled “Nada Harapan”. Like the previous songs, “Nada Harapan” also composed by Husein Aidid. This song tells about someone who is not desperate to achieve the goals in life.As the lyrics, the music is cheerful and vigorously.



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