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RRI World Service -VOI with Mosaic of Archipelago. Today, the information is that International Anti-Narcotics Day 2018 is commemorated in Cimahi City. Second, Deputy Mayor of Cimahi, NgatianaEncourages Youth to Launch 'Literacy' Technology. The last information is that Students of Indonesia University of EducationBandung Help the Manunggal Army Task Force Build a Village to 102 Military District Command 0605 Subang.


A major war on drugs requires all related stakeholders and people in general to move actively against organized international crime.This crime can threaten, and paralyze the survival of the nation and state by creating problems that can undermine the nation and becomes a threat to the destruction of the nation's younger generation.This was stated by Deputy Mayor of Cimahi, Ngatiyana on the anniversary of International Anti-Narcotics Day 2018 at Cimahi Technopark Building on Monday (23/7). According to Ngatiana, the International Anti-Narcotics Day is celebrated as a form of concern over drug problems in the world, which cannot be resolved so that it can threaten the life of the nation and state.Obviously with the Anti-Narcotics Day International, Ngatiana said that young people and all parties are reminded that before taking actions, they have to think first and they should not be easily influenced by negative things.Meanwhile, Head of National Narcotics Agency –BNN of Cimahi, Ivan Eka Satya saidthat his teamas the main agent of the government will keep carrying out the Program for Combating Narcotics Abuse and Illicit Distribution (P4GN)in the area of Cimahi City not only in terms of investigation but also rehabilitation.Therefore, he wants the communitynot to hesitate to bring his friends to undergo rehabilitation from drug addiction.


Mastery of technology for the younger generation becomes a necessity, as well as asset for the sustainability of regional development in the future.Thiswas stated by Deputy Regent of Sorong, Suka Harjono on the commemoration of the 45th Anniversary of the Indonesian National Youth Committee-KNPI, by holding Rally Flag in the Aimas Square Hall of Sorong Regency on Monday (23/7). He also establishes cooperation among KNPI, Regional Representative Council -DPD of Sorong and related regional organizations, such as the Youth and Sports Tourism Office because youths are integral partners of today's society. In addition, the youths expected to reduce and anticipate the radicalism.Therefore, the youths of Sorong Regency can improve their knowledge of technology to compete as well as challenge the development in the future. Head of DPD KNPI of Sorong Regency,Carlos Kalasuat expressed his appreciation for the support of all related parties that can make KNPI be able to survive and be a part of regional development.


The last information of Mosaic of Archipelago is that Students of Indonesia University of Education Bandung Help the 102nd Manunggal Army Task Force Build a Village of Military District Command 0605 Subang.

Dozens ofStudents of Indonesia University of Education –UPI Bandungwho are carrying out a field study (KKN) in Cirangkong Village, Cijambe Sub-district, Subang Regency participated in the102nd Manunggal Army Task Force Build a Village (Satgas TMMD) of Military District Command (Kodim) 0605 Subang.They cooperated with the community and the Indonesian National Military in implementing all physical development activities in particular.Although the sun was quite hot and so stinging, they were enthusiastic to carry out their field study to fix some damaged roads Mosques and security posts in Cirangkong on Monday (23/07).One of the UPI Students, Muhamad Dwiki Aprianto majoring in Geography Education told RRI in Subang that through the activities of the TMMD, the community was helped in building the village from the backwardness of other villages. Even, this was very helpful for the regional government program in realizing the development of isolated territory.In a separate place, Commander of Task Force the 102nd TMMD Kodim 0605 Subang, Lieutenant Colonel Fikri Ferdian said that the presence of dozens of UPI Bandung students who were having KKN in Cirangkong Village, Cijambe Sub-district, greatly helped accelerate the TMMD program.For 14 days, the activity has reached above 50 percent, whereas the schedule of TMMD last until August 8, 2018.

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