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Today's Mosaic of the Archipelago presents information: first, 90 youths of Banda Aceh are trained as generation of anti-drugs. The second information is that Batik Motif of Minang attracts consumers from outside West Sumatera. The last information of Mosaic of the Archipelago is that library of Yogyakarta adds collections with local contents.

The government of Banda Aceh city through Youth and Sport Office held training of youths of anti-drugs generation. The event was opened by Banda Aceh Mayor, Aminullah Usman in Banda Aceh on Wednesday (1/7). The training was participated in by 90 youths of representatives of 90 Gampong in Banda Aceh. When opening the event, Mayor Aminullah said that the role of people in eradicating drugs abuse in Banda Aceh and Aceh in general is really needed. He also explained that although the circulation of the drugs is not as many as other cities in Indonesia, Mayor Aminullah asks for Banda Aceh people to keep being alert. The training is hoped to be able to increase knowledge about the danger of drugs abuse. With the training, hopefully youth awareness on the danger of the drugs will increase and have desire to socialize to Gampong-gampong. Head of the National Anti-Narcotics Agency of Aceh, Brigadier General Faisal AN who attended the event, also called for the youths to be activists in fighting the drugs.

Various efforts are conducted by the regional government, including researcher of college to preserve wealth of regional culture, such as batik motif of Minang which is currently attracting consumers from outside of West Sumatera. The researcher of the Minang motif of Andalas University, Toti Srimulyati said to RRI on Wednesday (1/8/2018) that West Sumatera has wealth of resources which is unique. This is shown from various decorations of Rumah Gadang and another Songket. Andalas University has conducted research, and learned more since 2016 by inviting partners, the batik entrepreneurs of the region. Toti Srimulyati hoped that Minang motif is entrenched in West Sumatera and to socialize early, on August 30, selection of Batik Minang Youths will be held by targeting students of colleges in West Sumatera. Besides selection of the Best Batik Minang Youths, a training of Batik Minang with number of 20 participants is also carried out. From the event, it’s hoped to create Batik craftsmen who are with their persistence to be able to produce the best works of the regional Youths. Coaching is also conducted to Batik craftsmen who previously pursued Batik business with the hope, someday the products of micro, small and medium entrepreneurship will be able to penetrate international market.

The last information of Mosaic of the Archipelago is that library of Yogyakarta adds collections with local contents.

Library and Archives Office of Yogyakarta invited Chattra Kebaya community to launch new service of ALEKSA (There is Yogyakarta local collection). Acting Head of the Office, Wahyu Hendratmoko in the ALEKSA launching said in Yogyakarta on Wednesday (1/8) that the service is innovation at the library of Yogyakarta which presents library’s collection with Yogyakarta nuance. This is in line with the duty of the library to support the implementation of the center of local culture so that it will encourage the love of people on local culture. Wahyu added that over the last two, ALEKSA’s innovation has attracted attention of many parties. In addition to being exposed by many mass media, ALEKSA also succeeded to get support from the community. Meanwhile, Project leader of Aleksa in Yogyakarta, Ismawati Retno said after launching ALEKSA service that the service is innovation as sub-service of management of library’s collection containing Jogja in Yogyakarta. Ismawati Retno also explained that there are more than 300 book collections containing jogja. All of them are related to traditional culture, popular, regional potential, history, tourism, city’s architecture, literature, study of art culture and also result of Yogyakarta development from time to time and all information about Yogyakarta. In the future, her office plans to expand a number of collections through cooperation of all organizations of regional government in Yogyakarta. Later on if there is publication of the book about Yogyakarta, this can be granted. ALEKSA will also serve information about ancient script so that it is easier for people to know the ancient scripts of Yogyakarta Kingdom.

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