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Pancasila is the Solution as Philosophy of Unitary State of The Republic of Indonesia

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In today’s edition, we will bring a topic about Pancasila is the Solution as Philosophy of Unitary State of The Republic of Indonesia.

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Pancasila is the solution or Kalimatun Sawa that becomes the philosophy of Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of People’s Consultative AssemblyAhmad Basarah in Jakarta last Wednesday (25/7) 2018. Based onthe report of mpr.go.id, Basarah said to 450 students of Social and Political Science Faculty of Galuh University that Pancasila is the heritage of the nation’s founders and the nation ideology. It is an ideology by neither certain religion nor blank ideology of religion and divine values.

On the occasion, he expressed his concern of the potential concepts that that may split the unity of the nation. He also called forthe students of Galuh University to protect and take care of Pancasila. By protecting and taking care of it, this means that we protect the unity of Indonesia.

Meanwhile, as it was reported in KRjogja.com, Head of Security Council of Yogyakarta, Achmad Charris Zubair in  Bantul (27/7) said that Pancasila truly contains 2 universal values; They are divinity and humanity. Pancasila has already been tested in the life of the nation, the society, and the country. Moreover, Indonesian people live amidst plural and complex life.Therefore, it has beenproven that Pancasila can unite the society to build the nation towards prosperity.

According to Charris, in the life of the nation and the country, Pancasila includes nationalism values in the third principle of Pancasila and democracy in the fourth. The values are important to beImplemented or actualized in our daily life so that thevalues are not only recitation or slogan.

On the same event, Head of Pancasila Study Center of UGM, Dr. Heri Santoso said that Pancasila is also the foundation of humans to be introspective. He said that humans often pursue their own ego without worrying others. If it is not handledwell, it will be the source of problem in the future.

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