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Failure of Tripartite Summit, Obscuring Peace Efforts in Syria

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The armed conflict in Syria doesn’t  seem to be over. Those outside Syria who have a role in the civil war still play an important role in the crisis and bloodshed. Both the government and rebel camps can no longer escape from outside influences. A summit of  Turkey, Iran and Russia in Tehran a few days ago showed how other countries were so decisive in resolving the Syrian problem. When their talks failed to produce a breakthrough, there is a possibility of continuing war. This time the focus is Idlib. Idlib is a de-escalation zone established by Iran, Turkey and Russia. These three countries have built at least 12 observation posts in the region according to the previous agreement. While the tripartite summit did not produce a definite decision regarding the fate of Idlib. Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, following the failure of the summit, has warned of the possibility of a military attack on Idlib. If that happens then more victims   will fall again on the civilians and a wave of refugees will occur. Turkey in talks in Tehran has proposed to find a solution to maintain peace in Idlib. To Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Vladimir Putin from Russia, Erdogan stressed the need to increase Turkey's role in Idlib. At the suggestion, Vlaimir Putin still argued for the need of  a crackdown. Moscow opposes the proposed ceasefire. The reason is, because there are still resistance factions that were not included in the peace talks. Putin is of the view that the Syrian Government must have strong support in order to be able regain control of all regions. From the failure of the Tripartite Summit in Tehran, it can be seen that the foreign side is very influential in resolving the bloody conflict in Syria. The different interests of foreign countries that now are implementing their influence, both on the government and the resistance or the opposition has blocked the effort to resolve the civil war in Syria. A country that was once peaceful and prosperous will still remain at a war. Not only because of differences in interests of parties in the country, but even more so, because of foreign interference. 

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