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Seventy-Three Years of Radio Republik Indonesia

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Seventy-Three Years of Radio Republik Indonesia voinews.id



Today, September 11th. 2018, Radio Republik Indonesia –RRI commemorates its 73rd anniversary. Since its existence, RRI has provided invaluable contributions both in supporting the independence process, and filling the independence until today.


Then, the question is how does RRI keep up with current media developments that are required to more quickly disseminate information and reach more audiences with broadcast content that the community really needs?

To answer the question, Radio Republik Indonesia has 97 broadcasting stations consisting of 1 unit of A type, 30 units of B type, 34 units of C type, News Centre and Overseas Broadcast -Voice of Indonesia and 32 existing Production Studios.

As Information Safety Belt, during 2009 – 2010, RRI had established studios in border areas and remote areas, including in Entikong, Batam, Nunukan, Putusibaou, Malinau, Atambua, Ampana, Boven Digoel, Kaimana, Skow, Oksibil, Takengon, Sabang and Sampang. Broadcasts through these production studios are intended to enhance a sense of nationalism and provide balanced access to information for people in the border areas as well as in areas that previously could not receive RRI or blank-spot broadcasts.


In addition, RRI broadcasts can also be enjoyed via streaming or the internet. Even in 2018, RRI can be followed through RRINET, a visualized radio program where audiences can either listen or view broadcast content like a television broadcast.

Innovations in equipment and broadcast content as well as the development of human resource capabilities are a necessity in the times of development. What RRI is doing right now, especially for broadcast equipment and content is on the right track. But the existence of human resources, especially civil servants who are now getting fewer and fewer needs more serious attention. Regeneration and additional employees according to needs should also be a main priority.


Congratulation on the 73rd anniversary of Radio Republic Indonesia! Once On the Air, Forever !

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