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Policy of Sinking Illegal Ships Continuosly Conducted

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Minister of Marine and Fishery Susi Pujiastuti Minister of Marine and Fishery Susi Pujiastuti VOI-REZHA

Minister of Marine and Fisheries Affairs, Susi Pudjiastuti stated that her ministry will continuously apply sinking policy of foreign illegal fishing ships which conduct illegal fishing in Indonesian waters, although her policy brings about pros and cons both in Indonesia and in foreign countries. In a press release in Jakarta on Friday, 21 September 2018, Minister Susi stated that she is not stupid person that lets 7 thousand illegal fishing ships  be freed in Indonesian sovereignty for years.

“The new government has started since October 2014 and we started  sinking illegal fishing ships in December. If there are people who say that sinking illegal ships is foolish. Which one is more foolish? A country has sovereignty and let thousands illegal ships  and  not a thousand or 2 thousands, but it is more than 7 thousand illegal ships conduct illegal fishing,” said Susi Pujistuti.

Minister  Susi further explained that she is wondering why there are still people who ask her about sanction of sinking illegal ships. In fact, the regulation is stated in the law No. 45/2009 concerning on fishery as the sanction of the illegal fishing ships. She also emphasized that as long as the legal standing still exists and it is valid, the Ministry of Marine and fisheries will keep sinking illegal fishing ships. (Rezha/Trans by AF/RHM)

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