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Indonesian stand on the largest tourism exhibition at the Argentina Feria International de Turismo America Latina-FIT 2018 in La Rural, Buenos Aires was flocked by Argentinian young generation. During September 29 until October 2,2018, more than 400 visitors flocked Indonesian stand to get information of tourism destinations. Indonesian Ambassador to Argentina, Niniek Kun Naryatie said that Indonesian participation was the Indonesian embassy’s effort to Buenos Aires to approach Argentinian public or Latin America to Indonesian tourism. Argentinian tourists to Indonesia continue to increase, from 8,408 people in 2016, becoming 13,889 people in 2017. The event was also conducted specially with seminar on Indonesia which was carried out by Implementing ‘Economic Function’ and Implementing ‘Information and Social Culture Function’ on September 30.

Executive Director of International Monetary Fund -IMF, Christine Lagarde along with Coordinating Minister of Maritime Affairs, Luhut Panjaitan, Governor of Bank Indonesia, Perry Warjiyo, and Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani planted coral reefs in Nusa Dua, Bali on Sunday. In Bali, there are 32 thousands of economic delegation from various countries to attend the annual meeting of IMF-World Bank 2018 starting from October 8 – 14,2018. After planting the coral reefs,  Christine Lagarde said that the event is to provide marine biota which will increase life quality of flora and fauna under the sea. Indonesia has 60 percent coral reefs in the world. Unfortunately, the coral reefs are very easy to be damaged due to various  reasons, including climate change and destructive events at the tourism places. She added that the planting of the coral reefs is hoped to be able to produce unique and beautiful under-water aquarium. Lagarde along with Minister Luhut, Governor Perry and Sri Minister Mulyani also directly installed the coral on supporting structure that will be put in the bottom of the sea by volunteers. Governor Perry Warjiyo said that the annual meeting of IMF-World Bank 2018 needs an event to preserve environmental ecosystem. 

On Sunday, September 30, cultural exhibition 'Prince Panji Lost and Found' was held at Indonesian Cultural House in Berlin, Germany. The event was under collaboration among Indonesian embassy of Germany, a number of European researchers and Indonesian artists. The event offered a series presentations, Gamelan and Wayang workshop and also exhibition to introduce Panji’s stories in Java which was determined as Memory of the World by UNESCO in 2017. The idea was initiated by Dr. Lydia Kieven, German research who recognized that she is interested in Panji’s story and has made a research since more than 20 years. She views that it is important for world communities to know the point of the Panji’s story. One of the peak events was exhibition of Wayang Beber project which told about Panji’s stories. While enjoying Indonesian snack and coffee, the guests could read and witness photographs about Wayang Beber tradition in Java, and Wayang performance which was projected on the screen.

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