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Brazil is still on the democratic process to get a new president. The first round of the Presidential Election which has taken place still cannot determine who the President of Brazil is. None of the candidates who participated in the Election received a majority votes of above 50 percent. Candidate President Jair Bolsonaro for instance, although leading still has not managed to collect votes beyond the threshold. Of the almost 99 percent of votes that have been entered, Jair Bolsonaro, a right-wing member of parliament has only won 47 percent. In the second position was Fernando Hadad, a left-wing MP with 28 percent of the votes. Based on the results of the vote, Jair Bolsonaro and Fernando Haadad will advance to the second round. The first phase of elections in Brazil is not only colored by the bustle of democracy, but also violence. Jair Bolsonaro, when campaigning was stabbed and had to be hospitalized. The racist-leaning figure of parliament succeeded in advancing to the next round to get rid of other figures who got party support in parliament and got a large portion of coverage on television. Jair Bolbonaro, successfully utilizing social media namely Twitter and Facebook to influence voters. Jair Bolbonaro spread his message and vision and mission with promises to end corruption, crime and economic sluggishness. He also promised to restore the traditional value of his country. The effort and the way Jair Bolbonaro feels remind many people of what Donald Trump did when fighting to win the US election. The slogans echoed by Jair Bolbonaro to restore Brazil's glory sound like what Trump said, “Make America Great Again”. Even the racist-leaning approach is also taken by Jair Bolbonaro. However, the fate of Jair Bolbonaro, who in the first stage of the election won surprisingly, will still be determined in the second stage of the elections which will be held on October 28. The majority of the Brazillian people will determine who is the future President who will be driving Brazil to a better future.

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