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Good relations between Saudi Arabia and the United States are being tested. The alleged death of journalist Jamal Kashogi involving the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul has triggered the test of bilateral relations between the two countries. The United States threatens to sanction its partner if it is proven that the alleged death of the Washington Post journalist was due to Saudi Arabia's actions. Jamal Kashogi is a Washington Post journalist, who is critical of the Saudi Arabian government. Although Saudi Arabia has denied the allegations, President Donald Trump has said he would give punishment if Riyadh was proven involved in the disappearance of Jamal Kashogi.The Trump threat has reduced good relations between the two countries which have been exacerbated by Saudi Arabian interference in Yemen. The threat has caused strong reactions in Riyadh. An unnamed government official for instance, responded to Washington's threat, saying he would do the same in return. As reported by the AFP news agency, Saudi Arabian government officials said they would retaliate if the United States gave economic sanctions. One form of retaliation is by transferring good relations to Iran. Iran is now a common enemy of Saudi Arabia and the United States. Al Arabiya television said further that the oil-rich Saudi Arabian government had 30 steps to repay the United States and Western countries if the sanctions were imposed. The rhetoric about the retaliatory action is being questioned.If Saudi Arabia had not been involved in the case of the disappearance of Jamal Kashogi in Istanbul Turkey since October 2, then Riyadh should not have reacted strongly to the threat of Trump. There are two steps that can be taken taken: First, through diplomatic channels. In the name of friendship and good relations, the government in Riyadh can actually convey its position and state that the alleged murder of Jamal Kashogi by the elements of his government is not true. The second step is to allow a transparent and open investigation into the alleged Jamal Kashogi murder. With this investigation it will be proven that Turkey's accusation that the Saudi Arabian government has fabricated the loss of Kahogi, killed and dismissed it is not true. Saudi Arabia should understand why then Donald Trump threatened Saudi Arabia. Domestically, Trump is politically pressured by a number of lawmakers in Capitol Hill.Will the relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia continue to deteriorate, of course is yet to be seen from the efforts of Saudi Arabia to follow up on the alleged Jamal Kashogi murder.

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