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Britain Extends Brexit Transition Period

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Public debate has been heated again among Britons after Prime Minister Theresa May showed signs of considering the transition period of Britain's exit from the European Union (Brexit). May plans to extend it in the next few months. However, the extension plan proposed by May turned out to be sharply criticized by the British public, both Brexit supporters and European Union (EU) supporters.EU supporters expressed frustration with the prolonged Brexit negotiations. On the other hand, Brexit supporters say Britain must pay billions of pounds if it is to stay in the European Union.The reaction to May's plan does not only stop there. She also faced resistance from her coalition partner in parliament. The Northern Ireland United Democratic Party (DUP), threatened to oppose the government budget. European Union MP from DUP, Diane Dodds, views the extension of the transition period would actually disrupt her party. Even the opposition accused Theresa of "betraying" Brexit.Less than 6 months before the UK's formal exit from the European Union, Brexit negotiations are still not showing much progress regarding the border issue between the British Northern Ireland Province and Ireland. The problem is centered on a backstop policy that guarantees that there will be no redevelopment of physical boundaries on the Irish Island if future trade relations do not go well. With this extension, Britain will also remain in the EU single market and be the subject of EU rules and regulations, for three years after the official Brexit date in March 2019.The European Union has stressed that the backstop policy must be agreed by the UK if it wants to get a Brexit agreement with the EU, inspite of the extended transition period . Last February 1, 2017, the vote count in the British parliament showed that 498 members gave approval to Prime Minister Theresa May to start negotiations on Brexit, while the remaining 114 opposed.This means that PM Theresa May has the support of a majority of British parliamentary members and the public, to leave the European Union. But after running for almost 2 years, the reality in the field was not that easy.Will Britain really leave the European Union? PM Theresa May still has time to make the final decision until summer 2019.

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