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LIPI Researcher Hopes Political Parties Build Formal Coalition in the 2019 Election

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A researcher of Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) Siti Zuhro said in the 2018 regional head election, political parties seem to have difficulty in building coalitions and propose their candidates. In a special interview with RRI World Service Voice of Indonesia, Siti Zuhro in Jakarta on Thursday (18/1) argues that the coalition of political parties in 2018 regional elections has not been formatted and measurable. According to Siti Zuhro, there is no parallel coalition in the national, provincial and district or municipality levels.
An immeasurable coalition of political parties can lead to a fragile coalition. To that end, she hopes that in the 2019 General Election, political parties can coalesce with parties with the same ideology //

“We hope that in the future, the political parties will be more genuine in building coalitions. By building a more genuine coalition, they will inevitably make improvements in the parties and perform a more serious and more transparent and accountable cadre process,” Siti Zuhro said.

Siti Zuhro hopes a formatted and measurable coalition will result in a qualified political party. Indonesia must have political parties capable of showing their supporter base, so only qualified political parties can participate in the General Elections and Regional Head Elections. A newly declared party, according to her, needs to fix the administrative qualification and the quality of the cadres. Siti Zuhro further explained, there will be simultaneous regional head elections in June and the preparation of candidacy for 2019 Presidential Election in August. Therefore, contestation will be fierce especially in the 3 regions considered to be
most vote getter areas or reference of voters’ tendency on the political parties. They are West Java, Central Java, and East Java / / sekar

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