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New Agreement of Two Koreas Realizes Peace

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October 25 will be a new chapter towards the reconciliation of two countries on the Korean Peninsula that have been hostile for decades. The step forward of the two nations separated by the war will be realized after North Korea and South Korea held talks two days ago. The talks which also included the United Nation Command (UNC) were reported to have agreed on one important matter. Both Seoul and Pyongyang agreed to withdraw weapons and guard posts in Panmunjom. Panmunjom is an area designated as a Joint Security Area or also called a City of Armistice. The agreement agreed upon from the closed meeting was an attempt by the two countries to further reduce tensions since the two countries in Korea split due to the Korean war in 1950 - 1953. This encouraging step is a follow-up to the summit held last April. Previously, the army of the two countries since the beginning of this month had also begun to clear mines that were widely planted in the border area. The new step in the peace process has been officially announced by the South Korean Ministry of Defense. The official explanation also said that two days after troop withdrawals at the Panmunjom post, North Korea, South Korea and the UN Command would verify. From the agreement between the two governments and concrete steps taken, the international community may be more optimistic that the two Korean peace efforts will continue to progress. The two Korean people who are truly brothers can later visit each other more freely. Panmunjom which is a border city will no longer be a tense area. Peace measures that are very likely to eliminate or at least gradually reduce the economic sanctions imposed on North Korea are expected to encourage economic development and make people in North Korea more prosperous. How long will that hope be realized, we are still looking forward to the stages of the peace process.

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