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The Values of Youth Pledge Appropriate with the values of Pancasila

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Every October 28th, the Indonesian nation commemorates the Youth Pledge Day. On October 28, 1928, Youths from various regions in Indonesia swore one homeland, one nation, one language: Indonesia. The Youth Pledge of 1928 is a very important milestone, becoming the foundation in building a pluralistic nation within the framework of the Unitary State of Republic of Indonesia. This was affirmed by Speaker of the House of Representatives –DPR, Bambang Soesatyo.

Quoting idntimes.com report, when attending the National Dialogue with the theme 'Ideology of Pancasila in the Era of Openness and Digitization,' in Surabaya, East Java, Sunday (28/10), Speaker Bambang Soesatyo affirmed that the values in the Youth Pledge are appropriate with the spirit of Pancasila formulated by the founders of the nation, especially in the third principle, Indonesian Unity. In addition, the diversity which is the wealth of the nation must be strongly maintained as the motto ‘Unity in Diversity’.

On that occasion, he reminded that the advancement of information and technology, especially through social media, brings about not only positive progress. But it also negative influence. Discourse, narration and propaganda wars also bring about the swift flow of information that cannot be stopped, including the development of any beliefs and doctrines that is not in line with Pancasila.

Speaker Bambang views that the efforts are needed to re-instill the ideology of Pancasila into the hearts of every Indonesian citizen. At least, there are four main lines that can be carried out. First, it is through the regulation in which Pancasila ideology stabilization law is needed so that the establishment of Pancasila ideology becomes a national system in constitutional politics. Secondly, it is through a policy that is currently carried out by President Joko Widodo in which every policy carried out by the government is the manifestation of Pancasila values. Third, it is through education by instilling the values of Pancasila through formal, non-formal and informal education. Fourth, it is through main and social media as a means of socializing the strengthening of Pancasila ideology.

Meanwhile, Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Human Rights, Wiranto in the socialization of the Presidential Instruction for the State Defense in Sidoarjo, East Java (29/10), as quoted by detik.com, said that Pancasila is the nation's ideology. This means that as Indonesian loyal citizens, they have to deeply study the true meanings and values of Pancalsila.

In addition, Minister Wiranto also said that Pancasila cannot be separated from the Unitary State of Republic of Indonesia –NKRI because both are final and must be defended by the Indonesian people. Because, both Pancasila and NKRI have created a lot of advantages for the nation.

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