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This is RRI World Service, Voice of Indonesia with Mosaic of the Archipelago. Today, I’ll present you some information. First, OSIS (Official School Organization) of Kartini Batam 1 School develops students’ mental. Second, a number of the 2018 Youth Leadership Summit’s participants take part in coral reef planting. Lastly, West Java Government will provide an anti-corruption bus.

Principal of the Kartika Batam I Junior High School’s Students Organization, Syafruddin said that the presence of Official Students Organization (OSIS) not only develops students’ mental in managing the organization, but also fosters their mental to be leaders. It was stated by Principal Syafruddin after the inauguration of the board of OSIS in the period of 2018/2019 in Batam. He further said that in an organization, deliberation in a bid to achieve concession is the main key to be able to implement programs successfully. Deliberation among members of OSIS is required before making decision. He views that during election of the OSIS’ leader held some time ago, his side has taught students to utilize the momentum democratically. In the debate session, candidates conveyed their vision and mission in English and the election process took place similarly like the regional elections. Moreover, the inauguration was held sacredly. Before the inauguration, members of OSIS firstly demonstrated their skill in drill commands. Syafruddin hopes the new board of OSIS can work well and achieve the vision and mission which they have campaigned for in the election.  

Program Manager for Coastal Ecosystem and Small Islands at the Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation, Basuki Rahmat said that a number of youths from various countries joining the 2018 Youth Leadership Summit took part in planting coral reefs at Samuh Beach, Nusa Dua, Badung Regency, Bali. The Youth Leadership Summit was one of the events held during ‘2018 Our Ocean Conference’ in Nusa Dua, Bali on Wednesday (31/10). Basuki Rahmat said in Bali that there are 65 countries sending their delegates in the meeting. On the occasion, The Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation through their partner, Divers Clean Action, participated in the event by calling for delegates of the youth summit to plant coral reefs. He also explained that previously, his side has collaborated with youth organization to participate in the coastal and small islands’ preservation program, such as the coral reefs planting held in the Thousands Islands. In the event, coral reefs were planted by using Mars Accelerated Coral Reefs Rehabilitation System. The method uses an iron structure called spider-web as the place to plant the reefs. The iron structure is used to fill the space between the natural reefs and provide substrate for the recovery of habitat as well as the increasing of natural reefs biodiversity. By using the method, fish can return to the rehabilitated area. In addition, it also gives other benefits, such as restoring ecosystem balance, controlling algae, building sustainability of fish for the future, and establishing well-preserved eco-tourism.

The West Java Government is going to provide an anti-corruption bus just like the one belongs to the Corruption Eradication Commission -KPK of the Republic of Indonesia. The bus will be used for educational purpose and prevention of Corruption, Collusion, and Nepotism in West Java. It was remarked by Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil after attending the Roadshow of KPK’s Anti-corruption buses in Bandung on Tuesday (30/10). According to Governor Ridwan Kamil, the anti-corruption bus is innovative and rich in interesting contents. Next year, his side will provide the similar bus for educational purpose and prevention of corruption for the residents of West Java. West Java has 50 million people, 27 regions, and more than 600 sub-districts. Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of KPKL, Saut Situmorang welcomed Ridwan Kamil’s plan positively. He views the bus as a mini KPK that will move to various regions in Indonesia in providing education and preventing corruption. Various applications, books regarding building integrity and making reports, anti-corruption games, and information on detecting and avoiding gratification are provided in the bus. Bandung will be the last destination from 11 regencies/cities in West and Central Javas to be visited by the anti-corruption bus.

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