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Here are the headlines of several newspapers published today, Thursday November the 1st 2018.

I’ll begin from Kompas which wrote “Search of the Plane finds its Bright Spot”

The Baruna Jaya I, a research vessel owned by the Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) along with the joint search and rescue teams on Wednesday (31/10) found a signal that was believed to befrom the Lion Air’s black box with the registration number PK-LQP which crashed in TanjungKarawang Sea, West Java, on Monday (29/10). Deputy Chairman for Natural Resource Technology Development of the Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology, HammamRiza, said that the signal from the black box was detected by a transponder device named USBL KR Baruna Jaya I owned by BPPT at 12.25. The location of the plane’s debris and black box is 15 kilometers from the Karawangsea, Karawang Regency. The black box is an important device because it stores the flight data and the communication between the pilot and the air traffic controller officer before the plane crashed. After the black box has been found, the black box’s data will be downloaded, verified, and analyzed. The result can reveal the mystery regarding the cause of the plane’s crash. Head of the National Transportation Safety Commission (KNKT), SoerjantoTjahjono said the analytical process can take 3-5 months depending on the data’s complexity.

Moving on to Media Indonesia which wrote “Investigate Lion Air’s Management”

The dismissal of Lion Air’s Technical Director, Muhammad Asif is not enough to investigate Lion Air JT610 PK-IQP route Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang in Tanjung Pakis, Karawang, West Java on Monday (29/10). Member of Commission V at the Indonesian House of Representatives from National Democratic Faction, SahatSilaban said the government should not only stop the investigation by dismissing Muhammad Asif. He affirmed that all parties in Lion Air must be investigated thoroughly because similar problem has occurred previously. He said that the government must take part and analyze the human error in the tragedy of Boeing 737 Max8 carrying 189 passengers.

We end the Headlines from Republika which wrote “NU and Muhammadiyah Maintain Unity”

A number of executive leaders of PBNU (Executive Management of the NahdlatulUlama) visited the Muhamadiyah Executive Leaders at the Muhamadiyah Central Dakwah Office in Menteng, Central Jakarta on Wednesday (31/10). The meeting produced several agreements regarding cooperation and the importance of maintaining peace in this political year. A number of PBNU officers arrived at Central Management Muhamadiyah in Menteng around 19.10 pm. The entourage was led by Chairman of the PBNU, KH. Said AgilSirajand was accompanied by Secretary General of PBNU, HelmyFaishal. In addition, Deputy Chairman of PBNU KH. MaksumMachfoedz , Chairman of PBNU Robikin , and Deputy Chairman of GP AnsorYaqutCholilQoumas attended the event.

That was the Headlines

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