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The Importance of Trees for Living Things

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The existence of trees, including living things in this world is very important. This existence has contributed significantly to all other living things, especially to humans who consciously have to maintain and preserve it. Trees are the lungs of the earth and also play a major role in the chain of life on earth.

Trees are living things with extraordinary ability to carry out photosynthesis which can reduce the levels of CO2 in the air and produce O2 which is needed by humans and animals. However, trees are often forgotten and their presence is not appreciated because as fellow living creatures, there are actually interdependencies. Today, global warming is undeniably caused by industrial pollution and forest loss is caused by illegal logging so that oxygen is reduced in the earth.

The advantages of carbon dioxide (CO2) as a trigger for climate change can be caused by many factors. In one year, one hectare of mature trees can absorb the amount of CO2 produced or equivalent when driving a car as far as 26,000 miles. Trees also absorb odors and pollution gases, such as nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, and ozone and filter out the particulates that come out of the air by holding them in leaves and tree trunks. Instead, trees produce oxygen (O2) for the source of our life's breath. Within a year, about 1 hectare of trees can produce enough oxygen for 18 people.

World Tree Day, which falls on November 21, calls us to move and prevent the extinction of trees or plants on this earth. The Tree Day is raised to remind people of the importance of trees to the lives of other living beings, fight global warming, prevent natural disasters, and protect living things in the world. The commemoration of the World Tree Day is also to remember and honor the services of J. Sterling Morton, a nature lover from the United States. Morton was so persistent in campaigning for tree planting movements.

Seeing the importance of the role of trees in the life of living things in the world, the World Tree Day should be commemorated not only ina ceremonial ceremony, but also the existence of policy that emphasizes the expansion of green areas and strict regulations for environmental impact analysis in every infrastructure project and industrial project. What we have to remember is "If the trees go extinct, humans and animals are also threatened to go extinct".

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