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Fuel Price Hike in France

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After a large demonstration protesting  the increase in fuel prices in France on November 24-25, the situation in  major cities in France, especially Paris has now  become under control. French President Emmanuel Macron  has ordered to crack down on anyone who causes and provokes  riots that cause damage and casualties. In his speech related to the transition after the riots in Paris, Tuesday 27 November, President Emmanuel Macron said that the the government   must listen to what happens in society but must not forget the responsibility for what happens to the environment for future generations. The policy of increasing fuel prices aims to protect both parties, namely, the community and the environment. Meanwhile, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire and representatives of the Ministry of Economy held a meeting with retail traders, craftsmen, chambers of commerce, and the biggest union of French employees MEDEF to find out the economic situation, the impact on sales on  the French economy and the consequences that must be known. The demonstration was pioneered by "Yellow Jacket Group". The jacket worn by officers to handle motorcycle accidents on the road. Protesters were driven by motorists who protested the increase in diesel prices, which were widely used by motorbike users. Starting on Saturday 17 November, thousands of people staged action in various ways in the capital city of Paris and cities throughout France. The peak of the demonstration was riots on Saturday Sunday 24-25 November where more than 8,000 demonstrators gathered and carried out acts of violence and arson. The Paris security forces finally succeeded in reducing the action and received praise from the President and security stakeholders. Indeed the policy of raising the price of fuel oil is to encourage citizens to switch to cleaner transportation facilities. Apart from the high tax increase for crude oil and the carbon tax set by the previous Government, it was intended to encourage the use and utilization of renewable energy. The French government plans to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, with the aim of fossil energy consumption of 40 percent by 2030 and the ultimate goal of achieving zero-emissions. Sitting together with opponents of the Government policy is a wise step to avoid unwanted situation  in the future. However the aim of saving humanity by reducing emissions and pollution must remain a priority. Because the situation in France can occur in any country in the world.

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