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Bali Democracy Forum

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Bali Democracy Forum


Today and tomorrow, December 6 and 7, ten ministers and a head of state (from Nauru), will attend the Bali Democracy Forum- BDF 2018. This year the annual event, held  by the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, enters its 11th year.

The years 2017 and 2018 are special because Indonesia managed to open two BDF Chapters, one for Africa in Tunisia and one for Europe in Berlin, Germany. These two Chapters or branches were formed because of the interest of countries in Africa and Europe in the dialogue surrounding the challenges of contemporary democracy which have apparently increased. However, the type of problem handling cannot be the same because each continent has a different history of problems.

Europe for example, discussed the challenges of contemporary migration and how democratic values can prioritize humanity and human rights although political and social costs cannot be fully predicted. While in  Africa, the issue is fair governance.

This year the Bali Democracy Forum is themed, "Democracy and Welfare." Most countries in the world consider democracy to be the best system of hope. How do democratic countries achieve prosperity? Maybe that will be discussed by participants in the Bali Democracy Forum in two days.

Indeed,  the purpose a country is established is for the welfare of its people. In the Democratic system the state is managed with inclusive participation from the community. In this case the democratic system must also be able to answer aspects of the state's goals, namely welfare.

Every democratic country has its own experience in developing democracy. Democracy grows and develops in each country in a different way. Therefore, there is actually no similar democracy formula that can be applied in all countries.

For eleven years Indonesia has been successfully  organized the forum for democracy. Not to patronize other countries on  how to practice  democracy, but to provide opportunities for various countries to share democratic experiences. Hopefully the Bali Democracy Forum 2018 will also be a  success.

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