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Mosaic of Archipelago presents the following information: 10 Gotong Sisingaan Art Groups Enliven Sisingaan Festival in Subang; Situbondo Ultra Run; and Mayor of Batam City Asked the City Administration to Use Less Plastic.


At least, 10 Gotong Sisingaan Art groups enlivened the Sisingaan Festival in Subang on Sunday (9/12). Acting Regent of Subang, Ating Rusnatim said, the festival aims to preserve the culture of Gotong Sisingaan. Meanwhile, Marketing Strategy and Communication Assistant Deputy at the Tourism Ministry, Hariyanto said that the event was an award from the government for the great creation of ancient Subang artists. According to him, Gotong Sisingaan symbolizes the struggle against Dutch colonialism in conquering the plantation in Subang before the independence era.


Next info is about Situbondo Ultra Run. Situbondo Ultra Run was held again in Situbondo, East Java. There were 1,555 athletes from across Indonesia joining the cross country race at the slope of Mt. Argopuro, the longest hiking trail in Java Island. Regent of Situbondo, Dadang Wigiarto said, the Situbondo Ultra Run also promoted the natural tourism in Mt. Argopuro and Rengganis Sites.


Our last information is that Mayor of Batam City, Muhammad Rudi asked the city administration to use less plastic bottle and straw in a bid to reduce plastic waste. The Mayor said on Monday (11/12), the government plans to create City Mayor Regulation as the legal basis from the plastic use limitation policy among city administration employees. The regulation will limit the use of water bottle or other single-use plastics in events organized by regional secretary or regional administration organizations.

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