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Today’s Mosaic of Archipelago presents the following information:


South Bangka held Batin Tikal Festival. Regional government of South Bangka, Bangka Belitung province held Batin Tikal Festival to manifest new tourism destination in the region.

Regent of South Bangka, Justiar Noer said in Toboali, on Tuesday (11/12) that the festival is to remember a struggling figure of Batin Tikal that until now still becomes controversy who he is actually, where he comes from, and what his contribution is. All of these will be verified. The Regent added that in future, the festival will be decided to be one of series events of Toboali City on Fire where the event has entered as tourism agenda by Indonesian Tourism Ministry.

The next information is that Adventure Tour becomes favorite of tourist to Purwakarta. Youth, Sports, Tourism and Culture Office of Purwakarta regency said during 2018, the number of tourists  who visit to the region reaches 2.3 million people. From the number, two percent is foreign tourist. Head of the office, Heri Anwar said if it is viewed from the target of the visit, it is not appropriate with the target. But he was grateful because currently,  Purwakarta has become one of destinations of foreign tourists. One of destinations of the foreign tourists is adventure tourism object. One of them is hiking at Mt. Parang, Tegalwaru district.

The last information is that Emping Melinjo cracker of Lebak, Banten province succeeded to penetrate Singaporean market. It is conducted through company service of exporter from Jakarta. Hardi, craft-man from Banjarsari on Tuesday (11/12) said that all cracker products are supplied by export market. Market demand of neighboring countries is quite high because Emping Melinjo cracker product of Lebak has organic quality. In addition, the product is produced traditionally and without preservatives. Head of Cooperative and Small Medium Enterprises of Lebak regency, Babay Imroni said that the existence of Emping Melinjo cracker can encourage people’s economic growth and also overcome poverty and unemployment.

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