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40 Years Reform in China, Trade War With The US Continues

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China signaled that there would still be a trade war with the United States. Chinese President Xi Jinping implied it in a speech commemorating 40 years of Reformation in the country, in the presence of leaders of the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing on Tuesday. In his speech, the President of China stressed that no other party could dictate the course of the country's economic development.
In Washington US President Donald Trump, called for China to stop trading practices that are considered unfair. Trump also urged Beijing to stop the practice of intellectual property rightstheft and carry out comprehensive reforms.So, it was not a coincidence that in his speech, Xi Jinping stressed that his country could not be dictated by anyone.The speech delivered by the President of China is a sign that the country with the most population in the world, will continue to try to be a driver as well as the central global economy to shift the role of the United States.The assertion that no country may dictate China’s economic policy has confirmed Beijing's position in the face of trade wars with the United States.What was said by both Donald Trump and Xi Jinping should be a warning to other countries to anticipate the situation and global economic development in 2020. As many economists predict, trade wars between China and the United States will be a major factor in the slowdown in world economic development in 2020.The world economy in 2020, especially in developing countries that have China or the United States as their main partners will be affected by the economic relations between the two world economic giants.

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