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Yemen Is Still Vulnerable

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Yemen Is Still Vulnerable


Although the two parties in dispute in Yemen, namely the Government troops and the Houthi rebels agreed to a ceasefire, there were still several shootingshappened. As a result, there is a possibility that an armed conflict will occur again between the two parties. Based on an agreement mediated by the United Nations, a ceasefire should  begin on Tuesday (December 18). But the UN apparently has not socialized the plan, as seen at a videoconference on Wednesday regarding troop withdrawals from Hodeidah.

The Saudi Arabian coalition supporting the Yemeni government, recorded that on Tuesday which should have been included in the ceasefire agreement, there were still 20 times of armed contact. If it turns out that it comes from both sides, then it is just a matter of timebefore  the Stockholm agreement becomes  a historical record on paper only.

In the war in Yemen, the issue of humanity also deserves the attention of the world. During the 4 years of war, the World Health Organization (WHO) noted, at least 10 thousands people died. However, various human rights activists said the  number is 5 times the WHO record. The war left nearly half of Yemen's 30 million people in starvation. It is also not wrong if the United Nations calls the case of Yemen the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

Unfortunately the UN record is still exacerbated by the deaths of 6 thousands children. Why did  they become  victims? Apparently they were recruited to be involved in warfare. Houthi rebels are claimed to recruit up to 18 thousand children. Why were the children recruited? One reason is the unbalanced number of power. The coalition forces are supported by 140 thousand personnel while the Houthi rebels have only 60 thousandsin number.

But apart from that reason, it is not appropriate to involve children in armed conflict. This  should be solved  together by  the warring groups, to immediately end the battle. They should  think more about the fate of the war-torn country. When will the two parties begin to  think more about the interests of the Yemeni people instead of  the interests of their respective groups?

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