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Sudan Hopes there will be the Indonesia-Sudan Business Community

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Sudan's Ambassador to Indonesia ElShiddieg Abdulaziz Abdalla Sudan's Ambassador to Indonesia ElShiddieg Abdulaziz Abdalla VOI-YUBI

Sudan's Ambassador to Indonesia ElShiddieg Abdulaziz Abdalla expects the formation of a business community between Indonesian and Sudanese businessmen. Ambassador Abdulaziz Abdalla told Voice of Indonesia on Thursday (10/1) that forming a business community was an important step that must be taken to increase economic cooperation between the two countries. According to him in the community, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to discuss efforts to develop economic cooperation including discussing steps that can be taken to overcome the challenges of the two countries.

“Most important and crucial is to set business community, Indonesian-Sudanese business community. Because this is the true step. First of all it will facilitate the way for products from both countries. It will bring businessmen together. They can sit together and discuss obstacles, discuss chances where we can make good business, where can we avoid trouble in our business. And this is actually we are at this moment. We are trying our best to set up the business community,” said Ambassador Abdalla.

Furthermore, Ambassador Abdalla also encouraged the participation of Indonesian and Sudanese business people in various trade shows held by the two countries. According to him, the participation of business people in international trade shows held both in Indonesia and Sudan shows the great will of both parties to further increase the opportunities for economic cooperation. He also ensures that business people in Sudan have the same desire to expand their business and invest in Indonesia. (ndy / edit r)Trans DP

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