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BNPB Encourages Familiarization of Disasters to All Communities

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Head of the National Disaster Mitigation Agency –BNPB, Doni Monardo Head of the National Disaster Mitigation Agency –BNPB, Doni Monardo VOI-ANDY

Head of the National Disaster Mitigation Agency –BNPB, Doni Monardo said in Sukabumi, West Java on Friday that the people in Indonesia still need comprehensive familiarization regarding disaster preparedness. He argued that the government has prepared the infrastructure needed to anticipate the disaster. However, the government also needs to encourage people to be aware of the dangers of disasters so that they can better prepare themselves if disasters come.

"We have to prepare the infrastructure and things related to the ability of our own community to be more aware that we live in the ring of fire, where some of the volcanoes are active. Then, we are in a volcanic fracture. In our place here includes fracture. And this was just checked by Mr. Vishnu. Here where we are is prone to landslides. So actually, the preparedness of our software is enough to support the provision of information to the public. But maybe familiarization is lacking so many people don't understand," Doni Monardo said.

Doni Monardo further stated that Indonesia is in the ring of fire. Thus, it faces a great risk of disaster. He emphasized that Indonesian people must improve awareness to anticipate and mitigate the disasters. He also encourages the community to enhance knowledge to reduce risk if affected by disasters. Training on disasters needs to be carried out in accordance with the potential for disaster risks that vary across Indonesia. (VOI/Ndy/AF)

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