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Being Wise in Choosing Legislative Candidates

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The General Election will take place in the next two and a half months. However, some cases of bad behaviour in some legislative candidates have emerged.Several candidates committed violations of General Election’s law No. 7/2017. For example; in their campaign, candidates have been caught using government facilities, places of worship, and distributed some items of basic food, and even coupons for Umroh.Some have already been convicted and sentenced, but have continued to commit violations. As a candidate for members of the House of Representatives they should not break the law. If they are elected in the future, they will involve in writing bills. But, before being elected, they have violated previous DPR laws. So, it is possible they could commit serious violations after being elected.Of course, it is no secret if there are several members of DPR involved in breaking in the law. A lot of them have been jailed because of their shameful actions.On April 17, 2019, the Indonesian people will cast their votes to elect candidates for President and Vice President and members of the DPR. The track record of the two candidates for President and Vice President is certainly clear. But, for the prospective parliament members, there may be many voters are not aware of the corruption. In a conversation with a senior reporter of Voice of Indonesia, Daulat Pane, one of the Commissioners of the General Election Commission, Viryan Azis urged the public to educate themselves before voting. This is to avoid making a bad decision, or "buying something in a sack".

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