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A fine arts exhibition will soon be held on social media. The exhibition is initiated by a businessman as well as journalist named Sokoco Hayat DP. The online fine arts exhibition entitled "This is My Work" aims to help artists showcase their works so that they can be acknowledged by public. The theme "This is My Work" represents the objective of the event namely to provide detailed information about the artists who participate in the expo and their works. Sokoco Hayat DP said that the identities of the artists, such as their address, contacts, e-mail address, complete CV and track records would also be featured at the exhibition. By informing about the details of the artists, arts enthusiasts, including collectors can keep being in contact with the artists easily. The online fine arts exhibition has more benefits than the exhibitions which typically take place at art expo center or gallery. The online one needs less time for preparation. It is also more economical. Besides, participants are not restricted by distance, ages, and locations. No matter how far they live, they can still demonstrate their creativity. Meanwhile, arts enthusiasts can access the exhibition anytime and anywhere. They only need smartphones and internet connection. Regardless of the time and space, the bonding between the artists and their arts enthusiasts can still be established. Participants' registration has opened from 21st January to 5th of February 2019. Each participant has to submit two photos of their works and their personal data. In addition to submitting their data and works, the participants must pay for the registration fee which costs Rp 50,000 per person. The exhibition will be held from 10th to 28th of February 2019. Visitors can access the exhibition from Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Online Magazines. According to Sukoco Hayat, the online fine arts exhibition receives positive responses from artists. Until January the 22nd, 50 participants have enrolled in the expo both the 2D and the 3D artists.

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