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Vietnam to Host Second Meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un

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The puzzle of which country is going to host the second meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader, Kim Jong-un is finally solved, after President Donald Trump delivered his States of the Union Address on February 5.  Earlier in an interview with the media, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo did not explicitly state in which country in Asia the meeting will take place. Yet, in his speech, President Trump announced the meeting is to be held in Vietnam on February 27-28. In fact, rumors had indeed been circulating that Vietnam is to be the host of the meeting. But why Vietnam? There are some possible reasons. First, the distance from North Korea to Vietnam can be reached by Kim Jong-un’s state aircraft in one trip. Second, both the US and North Korea have diplomatic relations with Vietnam so their embassies in Hanoi can support the preparation of the meeting. Late last month, North Korean negotiator, Kim Yong-chol who brought home a letter from Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un was satisfied with its content. Kim Jong-un has prepared for his second meeting with Donald Trump. An analyst argued that the reason that Vietnam is chosen as the venue for the meeting is that North Korea can learn from a fellow socialist country. Apart from the desire of the United States to make North Korea not only depends on China. Skeptics said what was done at the first meeting was like a small talk because there was no follow-up after the meeting. The two parties do not have the same definition of "denuclearization". The challenge in the second meeting is more difficult because the first meeting has not produced significant progress. Now, both leaders must prove that the term ‘denuclearization’ has the same meaning for both sides and can be immediately implemented. The world is watching closely to whether or not North Korea will take a compromise path like Vietnam and China that apply Socialist ideology to a free economy. It is a powerful prescription for the economic development of the two countries.

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