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Plan for the Second Meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un

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Plan for the Second Meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un

After much speculation, the second meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un looks set to take place. This follows the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo telling US television the meeting would be held later this month. During this interview Pompeo said the location was yet to be determined, but he had sent a team to prepare for a meeting somewhere in Asia.

This may end up to by mere showmanship, as the director of the National Intelligence Agency Dan Coats, revealed so far there had been no progress on the issue of nuclear disarmament. In these reports the director said he doubts North Korea is serious about disarming its nuclear arsenal. Within the intelligence forecast of the annual Worldwide Thread Assessment the report admited North Korea was at least no longer carrying out provocative nuclear tests of previous years. The Coats Report is supported by the United States Defence Intelligence Agency.

However, President Donald Trump criticised the US intelligence report on his social media accounts. Trump wrote on Twitter that the talks last year had made a difference and he was looking forward to meeting North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un. President Trump also rejected the intelligence claims that ISAS had the potential to rebuild in Syria

Based on Pompeo’s statement, the second meeting between the leaders at least provides a hope of a breakthrough in the settlement of the Korea peninsula. However, the talks could be cancelled at any time, if reports North Korea is continuing its nuclear program are proven correct, or if President Trump changes his attitude and trusts the intelligence reports he receives from his government defense agencies.


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