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Minister Siti Nurbaya Leads the Cleaning of the North Coast

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Ministry of Environment and Forestry along with PT Pertamina and Indonesia Power held a clean beach activity on the beach of Kejawanan, Cirebon, West Java on Friday (15/2). Together with around 1.000 participants consisting of students, government employees, the community, and the general public, Minister Siti Nurbaya cleaned the garbage along the coast. Since 2015, the Ministry has carried out this activity in several regions in Indonesia. When met during the event, Minister Siti Nurbaya said that it is better to clean the coast and turn it into gold rather than debate.

"The amount of waste is around 1.2 million tons a year. So actually, this picture is not as bad as it was stated that Indonesia is number two in the world. But instead of debating about it, we better get our beaches clean, the garbage also changes not to become garbage again but to become a resource. Now, the target of the Indonesian government is that the area must be free from rubbish but its waste must also be a resource for the economy. There has been a lot of research; there are many technologies ... just how the business by the government is facilitated by the business world and the community. For example, in a plastic recycling association or major private companies, making waste becomes electricity. " Minister said. 

Minister Siti Nurbaya further stated that the regional government has carried out local initiatives to reduce waste, especially plastic. To reduce plastic waste globally, the Ministry of Public Works and Housing will use plastic as an asphalt mixture. (NK/RHM)

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