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Omah Akromah

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Tsunami which struck Sunda Strait in the end of December 2018 has left an inspiring story about a persistent Indonesian woman named Omah Akromah who contributes to helping the victims of the disaster.Omah Akromah keeps helping hundreds of people who survive from the disaster to get food supplies and other demands although many refugee camps have been closed. Omah who was born in Pandeglang on May the 10th, 1955 has plenty of experiences in joining social activities. In addition to helping the victims of tsunami in Sunda Strait, Omah has contributed to helping Indonesian children who live below the poverty line gain their rights of receiving proper education through package A, B, C so that these children can pursue their education.As a disaster volunteer, every morning Omah Akromah works at Majlis Taklim Al Ikhlas Labuan, Pandeglang. There, hundreds of people have been waiting for her. These people usually wait for food staples provided by donors to be distributed. According to Omah, the distribution of food supplies has been the greatest challenge because refugees often fight for the staple food. Therefore, Omah usually calls their names one by one so that the food can be distributed fairly and effectively. It is also the method used by Omah to find out the latest number of the refugees.In addition to distributing staple food, Omah also identifies the stock of the food supplies and arranges the boxes of the foods such as rice, instant noodles, toothpaste, and mineral water. Omah devotes her time from morning to evening to make sure the logistics can be distributed successfully to all refugees. Omah Akromah always ensures that the rights of the refugees over food supplies, hygine, and health can be adequately fulfilled.Majlis Taklim Al Ikhlas is the only place that shelters refugees. Currently, there are 235 refugees there. The building of Majlis Taklim Al Ikhlas is the only temporary shelter of the tsunami victims in Pandeglang. Pandeglang is the greatest area affected by the tsunami. The number of refugees reached 33,000 people and they were spread in 50 locations. As time elapses, the number of the refugees leaving Majlis Taklim Al Ikhlas, the only sheltering inhabited by the refugees, has been dropped The refugees who live in the area come not only from coastal area but also from other sub-districts in Pandeglang.Omah believes that refugee camp is the second home for the refugees. Beside coordinating the food supplies for the refugees, Omah also contributes to improving the quality of infratructures for the refugees for example toilet. When a new refugee arrives at the camp, Omah will provide them with mat, foods, blanket, and medications. Furthermore, Omah also attempts to maintain the mental and emotional health of the refugees by establishing programs and activities which can foster their potentials and help them cope with their trauma.In the future, Omah is committed to keep helping the refugees. Though she has to dedicate most of her time for the refugees, she never complains and she is always enthusiastic of being able to help others. The 63 year old woman believes that as long as we still have the opportunity to live, we should not stop contributing for other people.

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