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North Korean Bargaining Post-Hanoi Summit

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The attention of the international community towards a summit between the President of the United States, Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was directed at a meeting which ended sooner than scheduled. For a while, high expectations for the results of the two leaders' meetings did not materialize. The meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam ended without agreement. President Trump and Leader Kim Jong-un did not sign any agreement.The meeting in the communist-leaning country like North Korea was a follow-up to Trump and Kim's historic meeting on the date. June 12, 2018 in Singapore. Unlike the statement made after the meeting in Singapore, the meeting in Hanoi was marked by a reflection of the lack of trust from the President of the United States over the goodwill of the North Korean leader. Trump's optimism which was stated before the meeting ended with the statement that Kim could not meet the expectations of the United States of America. In his statement, President Donald Trump said that Kim requested that all sanctions be revoked, but without full commitment to carry out denuclearization. President Trump also stressed that the United States had not given up on Kim's demands. 'UM YET GIVE UP' is really interesting to observe. In terms of negotiations, the word 'Not yet' can imply a possibility of a problem to be renegotiated. By using the word 'Not yet', there are two things that can be stated.First is the possibility of further talks, and the two North Koreans can actually feel that they have a strong bargaining position. North Korea has shown its existence to the world.Through the stages of the meeting with Donald Trump, Kim has shown himself and his country to have become a big country calculation, such as the United States. In the end, North Korea will reap more benefits from the next meeting with the United States, besides depending on North Korea itself. Of course it can also be seen from the extent to which large countries such as China will show their support for Leader Kim Jong-un. Because it is recognized or not, so far China is a country that has close relations with North Korea.

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