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Looking for Solutions on Kashmir Conflict

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Kashmir is in turmoil  again. India and Pakistan are two neighboring countries in South Asia that  have been in  disputes over the region for decades. Their conflicts not only in words but also in arms. There have been a number of victims fell  since two weeks ago. An armed conflict began when Indian paramilitary troops convoying in the Kashmir region were killed in a suicide attack on February 14. 40 people were killed  in the incident. The angry Indian Prime Minister then  not only issued a statement that would retaliate,  but manifested his anger by bombarding Jaish Mohammad's group headquarters. The Jais Mohammad militant group has indeed claimed responsibility for the  suicide attack that killed 40 Indian paramilitaries. The latest attack that killed dozens of residents was part  of Indian Pakistani conflicts which have been going on for seven decades. The two countries were trying to  control part of Kashmir since India and Pakistan gained  independence from Britain in 1947. Tensions are increasingly felt  with the presence of Kashmiri militia groups in Pakistan. There are people who live in the region who have fled,  but not a few who remain in the midst of the  conflict that is often characterized by riots and violence. Until now the two countries have not found a meeting point in resolving their  border disputes. The latest armed conflict triggered by a militant suicide bombing shows that a dialogue approach is needed for resolving the ongoing crisis in Kashmir.

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