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Iranian President’s Visit To Iraq

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Relations between Iran and Iraq begin a new phase. For the first time, since the end of the war between the two countries in the 80s, an Iranian  President visited Iraq. Apparently  ignoring  the US warnings, Iraqi President Barham Salih received Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warmly. Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, told reporters that the two Presidents had had good talks, and agreed to increase cooperation in the economic and political fields. Turkish Radio  Television, through its website, even reported that the two Presidents had agreed to apply for visa-free visits for their citizens. Both countries seem to want to forget the war that lasted eight years until 1988 which caused many casualties. Moreover, the Iranian President's historic visit to Iraq also showed the two countries' courageous attitude towards the United States. To Baghdad, Washington has warned that it should refrain from relations with its neighbor. Meanwhile, Iran has shown an indifferent attitude towards economic sanctions given by the United States. Besides opposing US pressure, Iran also wants to show that it still has influence in the Middle East. From the meeting, it can be said that the two countries want to show their independence without having to be influenced and pressured by outsiders in establishing and enhancing bilateral relations. Of course in the name of the interests of the people of both countries. During the talks, which were  followed by technical meetings, the two countries agreed to increase trade relations. Both plan to increase the trade value nearly 100 percent from the previous 12 billion US dollars, especially through gas and energy exports from Iran. On the other hand, Iran's prime minister's visit to Iraq after the war between the two in the 80s, could possibly lead to geopolitical changes in the Middle East, as well as their relations with Western Europe and the United States.

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