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Wednesday, 10 April 2019 00:00

Final Deadline For Theresa May’s Political Struggle on Brexit

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After losing support in Parliament regarding her agreement with the European Union, British Prime Minister Theresa May, tried hard to find a way out by approaching German and French leaders. On Wednesday 10 April 2019 local time, Theresa May, who also failed to get the support of her own party, tried to win over the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emanuelle Macron. From the President's office in Paris, confirmation was obtained that Emanuelle Macron was willing to meet Theresa May. Previously in Berlin, the British Prime Minister who had lost support in the British Parliament had met Angela Merkel. Merkel's spokesman Steffen Seibert said the two leaders had exchanged ideas about the possibility of an extension of UK deadline to exit Brexit. To her German counterpart, Theresa May requested that Merkelconvince EU leaders to give an extension of the time originally set for April 12. Predictably, the same request will also be presented by Theresa May, when meeting Emanuelle Macron in Paris. From Berlin, news was received that Germany had asked Britain to show substantial steps towards resolving its political deadlock domestically. Previously, until the end of the meeting in Brussels, European Union leaders stressed that they would not provide an extension of time for Britain, without a clear agenda from the government or parliament. So far, Theresa May has lost support in Parliament, including from the Party she leads.In this situation, Theresa May must try her best to convince the French President and German Chancellor that at home, she will be able to find a breakthrough to end the political deadlock. However, from the German Chancellor's Office, there was news that Germany had not yet obtained clarity about the substantive steps that would be taken by Theresa May in her country. If in the end the EU leaders decide that they will not extend the deadline for the official release of Britain from the European Union, then the UK must leave the European Union on April 12 without any agreement at all. The European Union had previously agreed to extend the deadline for Britain to exit Brexit. Theresa May only had two days until April 14, before European leaders held a summit to decide Britain's fate. It was a very short time that would determine the future of Brexit and also Theresa May's political career as the Prime Minister of England.

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