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Indonesian ambassador to Papua New Guinea and Solomon Island, Andriana Supandy, invites Indonesian people who are in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Island to keep security and orderliness in the implementation of the general election 2019. The press release from the Indonesian Embassy in Port Moresbyreceived in Jakartaon Monday (8/4) stated that the invitation was conveyed by the Indonesian ambassador based on the importance of Indonesian people’s participation and support to succeed general election 2019. The Indonesian ambassador hoped the Indonesian citizens can keep orderlines for the implementation of general election 2019. Andriana Supandy hoped people can carry out the law and regulation of the country as well as to keep cleanliness of voting place on the implementation of voting for general election 2019.

To explore the luxurious Jakarta city, the fresh air of hills, tourism fashion and culinary of Bandung, and also the enchantment of the God Island, Bali become unforgetable experience for Famtrip’s participants from Jordan and Palestine who have the opportunity to visit Indonesia on the invitation of the Indonesian Embassy in Amman, starting from March 22-April 3, 2019. The number of tourist from Jordan to Indonesia keep increasing at around 6,000 tourists for the last two year. Indonesian Ambassador in Amman, Andy Rachmianto said that touring to Asian region such as Indonesia has not an attraction yet for most tourists from Jordan, but Indonesia begins to get attention especially for honey mooners. The ambassador also said Famtrip is effective media to promote Indonesian tourism to increase number of tourist from Jordan and Palestine to visit Indonesia.

Having theme trade and tourism, Indonesian Embassy in Lima conducted marketing promotion of Indonesia along with Camara de Comercio Lima which was attended by around 80 partner companies of Camara de Comercio Lima and the Indonesian Embassy which showed its interest to Indonesian market. In her speech, Indonesian Ambassador in Lima, Marina Estella Anwar Bey conveyed the need of cooperation to maximize economic potential in Indonesia and Peru, including to expand coverage of participation of businessman in the two countries. It was conducted to reach the trade value targetedby Indonesia and Peru worth US$ 1 billion in 2025 is achieved.

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