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Treating homesickness at polling stations

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The party of democracy abroad took place earlier than in Indonesia. The voting at the polling station took place on April 13, 2019. The voting activities of the 2019 General Election in Houston, the United States were enlivened with a dangdut music event held by the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) Houston. This was done to enliven the atmosphere of the election and treating the longing for the homeland. The Indonesian Consulate General in Houston opened the entertainment stage with various dances and dangdut karaoke performances by the visitors. This year's election really became a venue for people's party. The Indonesian Consulate General in Houston also held the Indonesia Spring Market 2019 bazaar filled with more than 40 booths. Various Indonesian souvenirs, cloth, and snacks were offered at the bazaar that was attended by visitors from both the Indonesian community and the local community in Houston. Not only in the US, the excitement and nuance of Indonesian tradition can be seen in the elections in Budapest. The Overseas Election Committee –PPLN and the Foreign Voters Organizing Group wore National clothes to explore the meaning of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, unity in diversity. With the traditional Betawi clothes, Dayak and Bali, the people enlivened the democratic process at the Indonesian Embassy in Hungary. To treat people’s longing to Indonesian culinary, people can enjoy bakso or meatballs and nasi uduk which were provided the Committee. In addition, the Election party was enlivened by the SMA 5 Surabaya Choir, which is now competing in Budapest. They sang many Indonesian regional songs such as Bungong Jeumpa and the song of Kecak dance. In Peru, the Indonesian Embassy in Lima has looked lively since early morning. The atmosphere there also looks different. In the courtyard of the Embassy building was built tents with red and white atmosphere and batik cloth decorated tables. There was also prepared bakso (meatball) and es buah (fruit ice) menu in the backyard of the Embassy. The residents can dance together, treating their homesickness. There were also Indonesian folk songs performance accompanied by Romo Vincent's guitar from Flores Island. The music performance also presented Alusio's song, Ge Mu Fa Mi RE, Poco-poco, Sajojo, Flobamora, as well as heroic songs like Halo-halo Bandung. There are still many excitement and uniqueness stories of the election party abroad. Far distance from the homeland, is not dampen their love and concern for Indonesia's progress and development.

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