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Japanese Consul General Optimistic of Relations with Indonesia

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Students wearing Japanese attire in the Japanese Culture Festival held in Brawijaya University in Malang on Saturday (20/4/2019) Students wearing Japanese attire in the Japanese Culture Festival held in Brawijaya University in Malang on Saturday (20/4/2019) ANTARA

The Japanese Consul General in Surabaya is upbeat of Indonesia-Japan relations growing from strength to strength, particularly in the cultural field, including through holding the Japanese Culture Festival at Universitas Brawijaya (UB), Malang, East Java.

Japanese Consul General in Surabaya Masaki Tani remarked in Malang City, Saturday, that the festival, titled Ishshoni Tanoshimimashou, held on April 20-21, 2019, at the UB Faculty of Cultural Sciences, was a regular feature for the last 14 years to strengthen relations between both nations.

"We and the Japanese community are optimistic that holding such activities can increase and expand our knowledge of Japanese culture," Tani stated.

The Japanese Culture Festival event was organized in front of UB's A FIB Building. The area has a replica of the Tori'i, or a typical Japanese gate, installed in each temple in the country.

Tani opined that culture holds diverse meanings and transcends the mere art of folding or origami and others. Nonetheless, Tani noted that especially for the Japanese, culture is about a value, thought, behavior, and their life.

Along with the showcasing of Tori'i replicas and Japanese-nuanced areas, a competition was held in which the attendees comprised students, including from several other regions outside Malang City.

"By delving into Japanese culture and language, I am truly optimistic that the people would be more open to the thoughts or views of Japanese people. This translates to a more comprehensive understanding of Japanese culture in its entirety," Tani stated.

Moreover, participants and students are allowed to attend the festival in typical Japanese attire.

Temple Culture Festival Chairperson Fakhri Faishol remarked that some 500 people from different regions in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Central Java, and also Sumatra, among others, took part in the event.

"The competition is divided into academic and non-academic," said Candi.

The Japanese Culture Festival featured Japanese or manga comic drawing competitions, Japanese writing or kanji writing competitions, Japanese or benron speeches, Japanese calligraphy or shodou, and storytelling or my story , among others. (ANTARA)

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