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World Heritage Day

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Recommendation of  UNESCO to member countries to participate in commemorating International Council on Monuments and Sites-ICOMOS symposium result, held in Tunisia on 18 April 1982, has set April 18 to commemorate as a World Heritage Day. The purpose of this International Day is to encourage humanity throughout the world, both community groups and individuals to realize the importance of Cultural Heritage to their lives, identities and communities.

Because Cultural Heritage in the form of monuments or sites is vulnerable to damage, efforts are needed to protect and preserve it. Awareness of the diversity of World Heritage on earth which is in parallel shows the diversity of the world community. This needs to be improved. It is very important to respect and maintain all Cultural Heritage well, through national law and international agreements.

The World Heritage in Indonesia is also the Indonesian National Culture. As part of a strategic step in maintaining cultural heritage, the Indonesian  government has stipulated its law No.5 of 2017 concerning the Promotion of Culture.

The theme of the commemoration of 2019 World Heritage Day is ‘Rural Landscapes’. The rural landscapes are defined as land and water areas resulting from human and natural interactions in producing food and other sources. Now, the World Heritage Day commemoration in Indonesia is centered in Bali. Why? Bali with a Subak irrigation system is in accordance with the theme ‘Rural Landscapes’.

Indonesia is a part of the world community that has 8 world heritage sites. In addition, Indonesia is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. It is natural that Indonesia is very interested in safeguarding the results of the Indonesian nation's thinking which produces a high culture and is recognized by the international community. With or without the cultural promotion law, the Indonesian people must respect the national heritage.

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